Friday, September 23, 2011

Teaching Multiculturalism through Photoshop Layers: An Intersection of Technology and Art Education

This study presents an alternative approach to using technological software to help students develop cultural awareness. The goal of this study is to provide effective interaction between high school students of diverse backgrounds through an interactive digital medium.  With the rapid increase of the use of technology in the World, students learn about themselves and others around them through experiences with technology, thus it is important for art educators to incorporate technology into the art education curriculum. The use of computers with art captures the attention of adolescents making their art learning experience a positive one.  The technological software used in this study is Adobe Photoshop®.  Characteristics of one’s personal culture will be identified through a writing prompt and then used to create at least five pieces of art work each reflecting a different characteristic. The art pieces will then be scanned into the computer for digital manipulation with various software programs, including Adobe Photoshop.  The characteristics will be put on individual layers, which then will layer upon each other to create a portrait of one’s cultural identity.  An expansion to this model will include creating a collaborative animated piece of all of the students work.  While working on this project, students will be observed by me. It is anticipated that the results of this model will support the importance and effectiveness of the inclusion of technology with art education to address the intersections of cultural identity with high school students.

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  1. Using Photoshop layering to explore one's cultural identity is innovative. Will be interested to see where you take this!!